Agroturism : Homemade Cider

Recogiendo manzana para hacer sidra asturias Agroturismo

Picking apples

The hard cider is in Asturias more than only one drink. It is a life  acttitude which has cultivated itself for centuries. From the picking of the apples , about the press to the enjoymente of the Cider gissen and drinking with tasty dishes and music.

Our big  traditionally invested applegarden with more than 100 appletrees forms the basic of our tasty Cider. All applesar picked by hand and are pressed traditionally without additives.  The great taste our Ciders is exclusively to our friends, family and of cours to our guests. Cheers!

From 10 october to 10 november you can share a days in our farm with doing cider 

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 Y en  Semana Santa , visita las espicha tradicionales

ruta por espichas caseras


Tradición y gastronomía 100% asturiana.

Visita diferentes espichas tradicionales .
Barra libre de sidra en cada espicha, hasta y durante la comida.
Menú de espicha: Concejales, chorizos a la sidra, empanada, lacón…..
Autobús ida y vuelta.

Más información espichas aquí.